Are you interested in studying plant reproduction in the Kessler Lab?

The Kessler Lab is always looking for enthusiastic scientists at all levels to join our group.


We welcome post-doc applications from qualified applicants who are eligible for post-doc fellowships. Please send Dr. Kessler an email with a description of why you are interested in our lab's research program and a PDF of your current Curriculum vitae to Dr. Kessler.

Graduate students

Students seeking to pursue a Master’s or PhD degree should contact Dr. Kessler to inquire about openings in the lab.  Please send an email that describes why you are interested in our lab’s research and attach a PDF of your Curriculum vitae.  Prospective students can apply directly to the Purdue Botany and Plant Pathology graduate program or through the Purdue Interdisciplinary Life Science (PULSe) program.

Undergraduate researchers

We welcome undergraduate researchers who are truly interested in our research topic and are willing to invest time and effort in gaining lab experience.  Undergraduates who are interested in joining our lab should e-mail Dr. Kessler to set up an appointment for a meeting.